Washi Sheet, elegant decorative sheet which natural Japanese paper and adhesive turned into one

Washi Sheet

Product Information

Product Name : Washi Sheet

Product Number :

Size 1,010 mm × 20 m
Reference price Market price
Substrate Special Japanese washi paper
Adhesive Acrylic Medium Adhesive Removable Type
Rear side Same color on both sides
Certification -
  • This is a transparent-type product. When pasting on a non-transparent substrate, please be aware that the color and pattern of the substrate may show through.
  • Because natural materials are used, the texture and flying dragon pattern also differ within the roll.
  • This product is for indoor use only. It cannot be used outdoors. Also, please avoid using it in places with excessive humidity, such as wet areas of bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Because natural washi is used, the product may be faded or discolored due to direct sunlight.
  • Paper mulberry (washi raw material fiber) may catch during cutting. Also, please avoid machine cut processing.
  • Please choose a smooth material such as glass, acrylic etc. for the pasted base material. Please avoid pasting the product to uneven materials.
  • Water pasting is possible for glass and acrylic construction, but please be careful not to rub the sheet surface too much. Doing so may cause fuzz or tears.
  • Multiple layer pasting is not possible.
  • Because of the characteristics of the product, air bubbles may remain after construction.
  • Please position the pasting start point carefully.
  • Please store the product in an environment around room temperature 20°C and humidity 40 to 60%.
  • When unrolling the product, the sheet and release paper may peel off in a tunnel shape. Although this is not a fault in the product, we recommend using (pasting) it within a short period of time.
  • Please avoid using the product for purposes other than its intended purpose such as applying it to the human body.
  • When using this product, please see the notes on use, and contact us if you have any questions.
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.