Leaf Foil Sheet (Standard), luxurious decorative sheet which real metal flakes and adhesive turned into one

Leaf Foil Sheet (Standard)

Product Information

Product Name : Leaf Foil Sheet (Standard)

Product Number :

Size 1,010 mm × 3 m / 2 m / 1 m (Effective width: Approx. 980 mm)
Reference price Market price
Substrate Metal leaf + vinyl chloride resin
Adhesive Acrylic strong adhesion type
Rear side Same color on both sides
Certification ・Fireproof certification

<Fireproof certification>
Synthetic resin coating / vinyl chloride resin film application
Substrate (fireproof material)
Certification number|NM-4377

PVC resin wallpaper
Certification number|MFN-3387
  • Effective width (approximate size from leaf to leaf) differs depending on product.
  • The size of one metal leaf used for the sheet varies from type to type.
  • Leaves are put symmetrically in the product width.
  • Leaf Foil Sheets are basically made-to-order. Please check the inventory, lead time, and lot, etc. in advance.
    * "Premium" is completely made-to-order
  • Color and texture may be varied, due to handmade products. Actual products may differ from the catalog photo.
  • The colors of Reddish Silver, Bluish Silver, and Blackish Silver Leaf Foil Sheets may have color variation, due to processing.
  • Apart from Platinum and Solid Gold, other metal can easily oxidize and discolored. A coating layer helps not to oxidize and discolor, but the progress of oxidative discoloration may be different from each part.
  • Please keep away from adhesive tape and hard objects. Exfoliating the coating layer and scratches on the metal leaf may occur.
  • Please choose a smooth and even material such as glass or acrylic for a base material. Please avoid putting the products on uneven materials.
  • The release paper is slippery so please be aware of falling accidents, etc.
  • Machine cutting is possible.
  • Please avoid using the product for unintended purpose, such as applying it to the human body.
  • When using this product, please see the notes on use. Contact us if you have any questions.
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.