Patina Sheet, the world-first adhesive decorative sheet with real patina

Patina Sheet

Product Information

Product Name : Patina Sheet

Product Number :

Size 1,010 mm × 3 m / 2 m / 1 m
* Custom colors 3 m only
Reference price Market price
Substrate Copper foil + polyester resin
Adhesive Acrylic strong adhesion type
Rear side Copper color
Certification ・Fireproof certification
・Semi-fireproof certification

<Fireproof certification>
Polyester film backing / oxidation treated copper foil application
Fireproof material (metal plate)
Certification number|NM-0035

<Semi-fireproof certification>
Polyester film backing / oxidation treated copper foil application
Fireproof material (excluding metal plate)
Certification number|QM-0002
  • Since we produce by hand using real materials, the pattern and texture of each sheet will differ. It varies depending on the part even within one sheet. In addition, the pattern, texture, and rust will proceed with time.
  • Although the surface is protected with a clear coat layer, rust may adhere to hands and clothes.
  • The rust may move around the construction site/storage area. Depending on the construction site, it may be necessary to perform rust prevention treatment on the surrounding area.
  • The surface is not smooth due to the characteristics of the product; therefore, unevenness may be conspicuous depending on the light level, etc.
  • Please choose a smooth material for the pasted base material. Please avoid pasting the product to uneven materials.
  • Since the surface of the product is susceptible to scratching, please avoid pasting it directly by holding down the surface. Please apply a slippery material such as a separator and clamp the sheet surface.
  • Multiple layer pasting is not possible.
  • The release paper is slippery so please be aware of falling accidents, etc.
  • Machine cutting is possible.
  • Please avoid using the product for purposes other than its intended purpose such as applying it to the human body.
  • Since in some cases it will take some time for delivery, please check the inventory and delivery date at the planning stage regardless of the number of sheets.
  • When using this product, please see the notes on use, and contact us if you have any questions.
Product specifications are subject to change without notice